Traveling the world is a wonderful thing, where we can refresh our minds and recharge our souls, besides we can also collect some souvenirs such as certain country coins, travel photos and stamps.

Some travelers choose to capture their travel moments in other ways, namely in the form of tattoos.

This time, Canada Backpacker has selected 15 Best Travel Tattoos from all over the world, this list will touch your soul and make you want to pack up quickly and book your flight as soon as possible! The design is really cool and symbolizes the soul of an adventurer.

Scroll down to see the 15 best travel tattoo designs from a true adventurer! Almost forgot, if you are an infinite aka a traveling maniac we also prepare 4 list of cool “space” tattoos! Check this out 🙂

Special For Limitless Travellers !

15 + 4 Travelers Tattoo That Will Make You Want to Quickly Pack And Book Your Flight As Soon As Possible!