Apple product analyst Ming-Chi Kuo released a list of products that will release throughout 2019. Here are the series of products that will be released by Apple

1. iPhone 11

One of the eagerly awaited from Apple is the iPhone 11 which is the successor of the iPhone X. Kuo said, this year Apple will release three types of iPhones, namely the iPhone 5.8 inches, 6.1 inches, and 6.5 inches.

Devices that have the largest screen are likely to use an OLED screen type. Meanwhile, cheaper devices use LCD screens.

Unfortunately, Apple still maintains the Lightning Cable port rather than USB-Type C.

while for Notch, this device still maintains the notch shape as it is today. iPhone 11 will also come with a Face ID feature.

The iPhone 11 will also be equipped with three main cameras, more battery capacity batteries, and support for wireless charging features such as those of Huawei Mate 20.

Kuo also said, the iPhone 11’s wireless capability can connect with other devices such as AirPod 2 and Apple Watches.

2. Macbook Pro

Kuo predicts that the largest screen MacBook Pro will be released this year. The possibility of this device has a screen size of 16 inches or 16.5 inches accompanied by a new design.

Kuo also suspects Apple will release a smaller laptop, the MacBook Pro with a 13-inch screen and 32GB RAM.

Apple is also predicted to release a 6K resolution screen with a size of 31.6 inches for different markets.

3. Air Power

AirPower’s presence has been eagerly awaited since September 2017. It looks like this year Apple will release AirPower which can be used to charge Airpod.

But this is still unclear, let’s just wait for the release date.

4.iPod Touch

Apple also plans to release the iPod Touch as Apple’s gaming device.

The iPod Touch has not previously offered an option for gamers, so the presence of the iPod Touch is likely to bring Apple gaming devices that are cheaper than the iPhone.

In fact, there are also rumors that Apple presents a Netflix subscription to support the iPod.

5. The New iPad

Apple reportedly will also release the latest generation of iPad. But compared to before, the size of this iPad is bigger (compared to the previous iPad), which is 10.2 inches in size.

6. Apple Watch

Apple will also present the latest Apple Watch. This year, the Apple Watch is supported by the availability of electrocardiogram functions for users outside the US.

7. Air Pods

The company will also release AirPods 2. Most likely this device will be released in the first half of 2019.

Reportedly AirPods 2 will be equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and wireless charging. This means that AirPods 2 will be compatible with AirPlay.


Not Only The New iPhone, Here Are Other Apple Products That Will be Released This Year